Joshua Solomon's Portfolio

Welcome to my web design and development portfolio. Feel free to splash around these websites I was employed, commissioned and consulted with to design and build. Also, see the links to youtube videos and interactive blog post, I've developed and managed.

Let me know how I can make your website tell your story and engage your audience.


  • is an e-commerce site for which I am currently the Director of Operations. I have been heavily involved in the launching of this retail business and am currently the primary decision maker on the project.

    My responsibilities include theme design, system development & implementation, performance optimization, conversion optimization, managing the SEO team, managing the public...


    Granite Seed Company is the parent company to A side project while working on has been to redesign and develop the new corporate website for Granite Seed. The redesign came about as an effort to help enhance their web presence and improve search engine rankings. I am happy to report that the project has been a success and in less than 6 months after completion the site is ranking...

  • is a website for a lending brokerage. This site has required some unique system integration with Xcel Financial's lending software. In addition to the development and site design I also created the company logo.

  • is a site for Miller General Contractors in Provo, UT. The main purpose of the site is to provide a place where Miller General Contractors could upload projects so that sub contractors could have easy access to all the information they would need to bid on the job. The site has been successful and operational for more than three years.

  • was a live broadcasting, video sharing, and social network for amateur sports enthusiasts. Imagine being able to take your cell phone, laptop, or tablet to your child's little league game and live stream it to your family members across the world. Not only could you capture the video stream but you could literally produce the broadcast with multiple cameras & microphones, instant replay, live chat with...

  • is a site that I was commissioned to build for a food producer. I developed the website and themed it according to the design provided by a third-party designer.

    An intriguing part of this project was the portfolio which uses JavaScript to simulate the turning of pages. The portfolio is easily updated by simply uploading images to the website.