YoManSports.com was a live broadcasting, video sharing, and social network for amateur sports enthusiasts. Imagine being able to take your cell phone, laptop, or tablet to your child's little league game and live stream it to your family members across the world. Not only could you capture the video stream but you could literally produce the broadcast with multiple cameras & microphones, instant replay, live chat with viewers, run your own commercials, splice in clips from YouTube, adjust a/v settings, and so much more. I played a major roll in the architecting and designing of the Live Broadcasting Web App.

Another app I innovated and designed was a drag and drop bulk video/photo upload app for the desktop. This app was critical in allowing users to quickly populate YoManSports.com with their photo and videos.

YoMan was among my favorite projects to work on due to the constant innovation required to create new technologies and bring projects from idea to reality. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled due to a reduction of funding.

Here is a video I helped storyboard that shows some of the technologies we created:

Work Samples: